Why Choose a Mid-Sized Company like D & S Maintenance?

"From MOM and POP to the Big Old Dinosaurs... D & S Maintenance is the happy medium"

Mom and pop cleaning service - These are generally small operations. Typically, they are OK for smaller buildings, and can handle basic cleaning tasks well enough. However, because of their built-in limitations, they often are not positioned well to respond to emergencies and unexpected changes in circumstances. They also may struggle with keeping up on regulatory changes in their industry.

Mid-Sized, locally based Cleaning Service - These are the companies that use modern, sophisticated equipment, and have sufficient staff to satisfy the cleaning needs of even the large facilities, including maintenance and fast response times when there are problems. They usually have earned a good reputation within a specific locale and are able to provide clients with attentive service. In most situations, they will give you the attention of a small company with the same resources of the large national companies. Because of their size, they are more adaptable when implementing the newest trends in their industry. This is where D & S Maintenance fits in.

Large National and -Regional Cleaning Services - This would include major players such as ABM, Eurest, Harvard, Varsity and a few more. These are the giants of the industry (sometimes referred to as the big old dinosaurs) offer obvious advantages since, because of their size, they are able to handle even the biggest accounts, including mammoth facilities and about any special need. The drawback, however, is that if you are not one of their larger accounts (and some are well over $1,000,000 per year) you may not be considered a high priority.